Halo Sport + Personal Set Up + 1 Year Support

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Start your Halo Sport journey with the Knowledge and Support you need with everything set up and ready for you to maximise your gains.

This package includes:

    Bonus with Personal Set Up & 1 Year Support:

    • 1-on-1 Follow up 30min call after 1 month for Q&A
    • Remote support with a 24 hr response time (business hours)
    • Quarterly Live Training Webinar Access
    • Access to exclusive Superhumanology Training Videos
    • VIP News and Updates list


    Superhumanology is the technology support and research company for Life Technology

    At Superhumanology we cover:

    • Sports Tech
    • Fit Tech
    • Team Tech Support
    • Training Integration
    • Wearables Integration
    • Device Support
    • Live Monitoring