Halo Sport + Halo Sport 101 + Personal Set Up + 1 Year Support

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Start your Halo Sport journey with personalised set by step introduction and set up with your device. This will arm you with all the knowledge and support you need with everything set up and ready for you to maximise your gains.

This package includes:

    Bonus with Halo Sport 101 & Personal Set Up & 1 Year Support:

    • 1-on-1 Follow up 30min call after 1 month for Q&A
    • Remote support with a 24 hr response time (business hours)
    • Quarterly Live Training Webinar Access
    • Access to exclusive Superhumanology Training Videos
    • VIP News and Updates list


    Superhumanology is the technology support and research company for Life Technology

    At Superhumanology we cover:

    • Sports Tech
    • Fit Tech
    • Team Tech Support
    • Training Integration
    • Wearables Integration
    • Device Support
    • Live Monitoring