Extra Primer Pack + Recharge Kit

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In the Box

Each Primer Pack includes the following:

  • Primers x3

Each Recharge Kit includes the following:

  • Recharge packs x2
  • Recharge tray


Product Specs

Primer nominal area: 24 sq cm

Conductive path: Carbon, saline solution

Contact material: Elastomer foam


Product Overview

Your Primers act like sponges – they absorb water to help Halo Sport make good contact with your head. These foam-tipped electrodes transmit Neuropriming waveforms to your motor cortex. 

Over many uses, the ability to absorb water may decrease, which makes it harder to get good contact. If you notice this happening, use the included Recharge Packs to restore the ability to absorb water quickly. When Primers start to slow down, Recharge Packs help you restore them to like-new condition.