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Halo Sport is the first-ever neurostimulation device designed to accelerate gains from physical training. Users wear Halo Sport before any physical activity - from lifting weights to playing an instrument - to help their brain learn to better control and activate the muscles they need for that activity. When paired with physical training, Halo Sport has been shown to accelerate gains in strength, explosiveness, endurance, and muscle memory.

Halo Sport works by temporarily placing the brain’s motor cortex (the part of your brain responsible for muscle movement) into a state of “hyperplasticity,” or hyperlearning. It does this using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), which applies a mild electric field to the motor cortex. This temporarily optimizes the connection between the brain and muscles.

In essence, by refining the brain’s ability to learn from and adapt to physical training, Halo Sport allows you accelerate gains in any physical skill.