Why I'm using and loving the Halo Sport....

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Why I'm using and loving the Halo Sport....

My workouts this week have been very effective. As I said last week I changed from a 6 day split to a 4 day split. In this training method you only hit each muscle group once a week so they have a week to recover. It does mean that you really meed to hit each session with purpose and really fatigue each group - the principle being,  if you are going to have a week to recover you should earn it - my words.


Current split
  1. Chest/Biceps
  2. Back
  3. Shoulders/Triceps
  4. Legs
I also do a bit of core & cardio each day, mostly during my training sessions.


I don’t feel as drained as last week, feel sore but I don't feel as fried. Which is great. Feeling accomplished = awesome... feeling overwhelmed and exhausted - not a good way to end a week. I also don't feel like I was particularly strong this week, but I very effectively fatigued each muscle group with only one workout each. Which is the whole point of this type of training. I’m feeling that the Halo is helping each rep/set be more focused and powerful. Some exercises I have had to go down in the weight but the correct muscle groups are firing so even though the weight is less the exercise is more effective.


I have started some core and posture work which I have been doing a lot of during the 20mins of HaloNeuro priming time. The guys at Halo say you should be warming up in those 20mins, however I’m finding, that if I do anything with too much movement in those 20mins I get the “poor contact” warnings, this ends up really stretching out that time, so I try to minimise major movement at that time. I have had one morning where the 20mins of Neuro Priming was perfect with no delays, one morning out of 10. So there is obviously a lack I have to get down, and it probably has something to do with how wet you get the sensors.


My plan is to use this week and next week as a base with weights and reps data, then results will follow from there. I am tracking every rep, set and weight, along with extra data like hours of sleep, if I had caffeine, Modafinil and how I’m eating. 3 Weeks ago I started using a much more detailed tracking spreadsheet for my workouts, which always makes me excited because I’m a geek. I am also using these couple of weeks to focus on form, not just moving the weight from A to B so that is helping with the overall outcome of my training. My food was about 80% tracked this week… I’m looking to get more on top of that because that data is important in terms of training output and abilities.

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